Do you want to learn how to be a World-Class Coach and Create a High-Ticket Practice?

Do you want to learn how to be a Masterful Coach?

Download this 20 Hours Class for only $47 that will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a World Class Coach who works with High-Ticket Clients and Has a Masterful Practice.

Download this 20 Hours $19.99 Class that will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a Masterful Transformational Presence in the world.

Whether you consider yourself a Coach, Therapist, Healer all of these crafts have one thing in common:


It’s simple, the world needs more Coaches and People Who've Mastered the Art of Transformation!

Here are some facts:

  • The estimated global total revenue from coaching in 2019 was $2.849
  • In 2019, the estimated market size of the coaching industry in the U.S. was $15 billion USD. If the predictions are correct, with the average yearly growth rate of 6.7%, the value can grow to $20 billion USD in just three years.
  • The coaching industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.
  • ​Executive coaching alone is an $8 billion industry estimated to be growing at 8 percent a year.
  • ​According to Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey of 2020 Video and other technology account for two-thirds of coaching services. (meaning you can do it anywhere in the world now).
  • ​According to the same survey cited above only 30% of coaches follow a published process while 30% develop their own.

    The real question is how do you as a Coach dive deep into this industry and serve a need and build your business?

    I’ve been coaching since 2015 and have worked alongside and mentored under some of the most prominent names in the Coaching industry.
    I've attended the University of Georgia Executive Coaching Program, Michael Neill's Supercoach Academy, Steve Chandler's Prosperity School, and mentored under Michael Neill himself.
    I have a YouTube community of over 24K other Coaches and have had over 1,300 clients in the last 5 and a half years.

    This course is your ticket to become a Masterful World Class Coach in the world who is convicted on the value that you can provide to your clients, which makes winning and creating business easy.

    By the end of this course you will:

    Be Convicted of the Transformational Power you Have As a Coach
    Master the In’s and Out’s of the Transformational Process Providing High Value to your Clients
    Feel 100% Confident in Charging High Value Fees Without Hesitation
    Develop an Effective Framework for you Own Coaching Style
    Create Deep Impact on another Human Being and See The Results that you help them Generate
    Uncover Your True Potential to Live the Best Life as a Coach

    With a Mastery of the Skillset comes an Enjoyment in your Work and Business because you feel convicted to charge the right fees for you contribution to someone life or business

    Even if I have little to no experience or credentials can I master the craft and become a highly effective coach?

    Yes, absolutely! This course will download decades worth of wisdom into you, so that once embodied it will give you the conviction that you can effectively deliver value to your clients. 

    • Confidence becomes irrelevant when you’re CONVICTED about the level of value and results you can deliver. 
    • You know how to deliver results, because you have a proven process and understanding of Coaching then you can move anyone’s life forward at any age and in any situation.
    • When you have decades worth of wisdom from some of the top coaches downloaded into you, which is what this course is about, you skip spending lots of money and time and years doing the “wrong” things.

    You don’t have to learn through failure, you can learn through the failures of others and not repeat those same mistakes to fast-track your success. Why make the same mistakes that other leaders did traveling down a similar path?  

    The quicker and most intelligent route is to learn and embody key principles taught to you by some of the Masters, which is what this course will do!


    Hi, I’am Jared Bull. A Former Combat Veteran, and Certified Executive Coach with a following of over 26K other Coaches on YouTube. 

    I’ve spent the last 6 years Mastering my Craft. I attended Steve Chandler’s Coaching Prosperity School, University of Georgia's Executive Coaching Program, Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy, and mentored under Michael Neill himself.

    I’ve coached within three Fortune 500 companies such as Principal Life and within the government such as the Department of Commerce. I’ve been involved in nearly every industry with my coaching from Finance to Energy to the Non-Profits. And I’ve ran a total of 15 group programs hosting up to 55 people.

    Transformation is my passion. Coaching is my passion.

    I’m motivated by three specific things:


    Mastering the Craft of Transformation - not just Coaching or Healing


    Building Authentic Communities That Have a Mastered Craft and Helping Human Beings Transition Through the Global Shift that’s happening on the planet


    Supporting other Coaches and Transformational Presences to Create Wealth Doing What They Love

    Why Are Coaches and Transformational Presences Needed?

    • Because more shifting is happening at the Individual, Familial, Societal, Political, and Collective Level then anytime in History
    • Because as we shift on all those levels we need someone (a coach) to orient ourselves within our relationship to ever-changing modern world
    • IBecause there are many “intuitive” coaches out there with good intentions but not good training that are retraumatizing other people

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